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Our Standard Accommodations include Large (indoor) Overnight Crates and Jumbo (outdoor) Sheltered 10 x 10 Kennels. Our Outdoor Jumbo Kennels have a maximum comfortable capacity of 3-4 medium size dogs. Our Large Indoor Overnight Crates have a max capacity of 1 medium size dog or 2 small dogs.

All of our pups sleep indoors at night, either crated with a blanky and chew toy, or on their own comfy couch, depending on personality and preference.


SMALL PUPS (1-25 lbs)

1 dog -   $20.00 per night  /   $10.00 (+training)    /   $15.00
2 dogs - $34.00 per night  /   $17.00 (+ training )  /   $24.00
3 dogs - $45.00 per night  /   $23.00 (+training)   /   $33.00

MEDIUM PUPS (26-40 lbs)
1 dog - $26.00 per night    /   $14.00 (+training)  /   $21.00
2 dogs - $40.00 per night  /   $21.50 (+training)  /   $28.00
3 dogs - $51.00 per night  /   $29.00 (+training)  /   $39.00

1 small dog + 1 medium dog
$40.00 per night  /   $20.00 (+training)  /   $30.00


Petscapades boarding services for cats!
1 - $17.00 per night
2 - $23.00 per night

3 or more - $30.00 per night

Basic Obedience Training

Although all of our pups automatically receive "Politeness Training" during their stay, (no nipping or jumping up on their people), we also offer Basic Obedience Training for Petscapades pets boarding for *3 days or longer. She/he will learn basic obedience commands such as Sit, Stay, Down, Come, and Heel, (at your side without pulling or choking on the leash). Our companion obedience training system is a rapport-based training method accomplished without punishment of any sort. We have found that optimal results are achieved when training twice a day for 20 minutes each session.

*All Petscapades pets enrolled in Obedience Training classes enjoy half-price boarding fees during the days they are in training.

$35.00 per session


"Thera-petic" Massage

For those pet owners who would like a little extra pampering for their pup. Especially beneficial for older dogs with hip or joint problems. An increasing number of research studies show massage reduces your dog's heart rate, lowers blood pressure, increases blood circulation and lymph flow, relaxes muscles, improves range of motion, and increases endorphins. Although "Thera-petic" Massage does not increase muscle strength, it can partially compensate for any lack of exercise and inactivity your dog may be experiencing due to illness or injury by stimulating weak muscles which can hasten and lead to a more complete recovery.

Per 20 minute session: $25.00 






Petscapades! is a personalized pet resort, not a huge boarding kennel, so we encourage you to make your reservations early, especially around the busy Winter Holiday Season and Spring and Summer Breaks!

Petscapades! is open from 7am to 7pm, Monday through Friday, by appointment, (AND Saturdays & Sundays by

Please call: (603) 464-3573

Fill out and submit our Reservation Request Form below.
In most cases we can respond to your reservation request within 24 hours!

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NEW! Fitness Walk/Run


For the owner whose dog is accustomed to frequent, (daily or otherwise) walks, OR for the owner who would like to exercise their dog daily, but due to time constraints or other limiting factors has been unable to make this happen.


Your dog will be evaluated before each session, and monitored during and after by our runner(s), trained to recognize lameness, soreness, or heat related issues. Runs are scheduled during the mornings or late afternoons (during summer months) to avoid the heat of the day. Our runner(s) carry water for both themselves and their running companions, and for safety reasons, run with a maximum of 2 dogs only per session.


At this time, Petscapades is proud to offer 2 levels of fitness training...

The Couch Potato Dog: For the dog with little recent exercise activity. Our runner(s) will alternate between a slow casual stroll, and a fast walk.


The Active Dog: For dogs who are accustomed to daily walks/runs with their Owners. Our runner(s) will alternate between a fast walk, and a moderate run.


$35.00 per 45 minute session

Weekly rates (Mon-Fri) on request. 
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